Legends’ Vision Legacy Tour Event arrives in the UK!

Northampton Badminton Club hosted the UK’s first Legends’ Vision Legacy Tour Event on Tuesday 10th May, 2016.

Large crowds of aspiring players and badminton fans flocked to see the Super Series-winning, and Legends Ambassadors for the UK, Chris and Gabby Adcock.

  • Young players from local clubs and aspiring badminton players from local schools flocked to Northampton to watch the event
  • The Legends’ Vision Ambassadors were accompanied by fellow badminton players Sarah Walker and Andy Ellis
  • The players showcased their jaw dropping speed and agility in some drills and match play
  • Gabby demonstrated just how quick you need to be in net play at the highest level
  • Chris and Andy gave a taste of just how fast they can really smash, a crowd favourite!
  • King of the court was an excellent exhibition of passion and talent as the children pitted their wits against their heroes

After the excitement on the court, it was time for the ever-insightful, Olympic medallist, Gail Emms to interview the Legends’ Ambassadors, Chris and Gabby about:

  • Being professional badminton players
  • Their life off the court
  • What it means to them having been chosen as Legends’ Vision Ambassadors or the UK and their involvement with and support from Yonex

The event was a spectacle to remember with top level badminton showcased at every moment.

To see imagery from this exciting event, please click below.